The Good, the Bad and the AMP

With the release of Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) technology in 2016, Semetrical have decided to take a look back into the history of mobile technology and internet usage. We want to understand how user behaviour has changed over the last 10 – 15 years due to the ability to access the internet from a mobile device, and how marketers have adapted to reach their audiences.

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The HTTPS Dilemma: Security or SEO?

Should you go for HTTPS? Or should you not? This is the dilemma that’s been plaguing SEOs and webmasters alike since Google called for “HTTPS everywhere” on the web in the June 2014 edition of Google I/O. A couple of months later, they put their money where their mouth was by declaring that HTTPS has been made a ranking signal.

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Performing a Technical SEO Site Audit in 5 Easy Steps

Auditing a site for technical SEO issues is one of the skills setting SEO-pros apart from all the noobs and pseudo-experts[JU1] . While there is a plethora of handy tools that allow you to find the usual discrepancies in the “length of page title” and “www redirection” for the average site, finding out what’s wrong with an enterprise site running into the millions of pages isn’t your friendly SEO ninja’s cup of tea.

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User Behavior and SEO

With the implementation of new innovations in search, like semantic, more complex relationships and interactions between users and search engines arise. No longer do we have to use quotations, “and,” or other symbols to direct search engines – they have evolved to understand user intent. Along with this greater understanding, comes a desire to go beyond simply comprehending the types of pages with relevant content to serve up, but also which pages and results will provide the best experience for the searcher.  


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