Published on 31st July 2020 by Ruth Everett

Event Recap: Building SEO & Developer Relationships – Part 2

Due to the success of our first Building SEO and Developer Relationships panel event last month we were excited to bring our panel of experts back to continue the conversation around how to build and maintain SEO & Developer relationships.

Our panel of 5 experts consisted of:

The focus of the webinar was once again to hold a Q&A format roundtable to discuss successful ways to bridge the gap that often occurs between SEOs and Developers. Each person brought a unique perspective and we’re deeply grateful they took the time to present their views.

You can watch the full recap here:

Before hosting our panel, we took to Twitter to ask the SEO community how much of an understanding of SEO best practice the developers they work with have. Check out the results:

Historically there’s been an invisible gap between Developers and SEOs – it’s always stated that Devs don’t make good SEOs and SEOs don’t make good Developers. But this needs to change in order to create synergy between the teams, working towards a common goal.


Introducing our panelists

Before jumping in, we’d like to introduce our contributors along with their background and experience:

Nick Wilson

Nick has been an SEO consultant for 20 years and has worked both agency and client-side with a range of different brands. From his experience working with enterprise brands and on large scale SEO projects, Nick recognises one of the biggest challenges is getting things done, particularly fixing technical issues across the site, which is why it is important to work with developers efficiently.

Polly Pospolova

Polly has worked within the SEO industry for the last 17 years and is currently working as a digital marketing director for the agency Delete, where she works with clients across multiple different industries. An important part of Polly’s job is to ensure digital strategies are in place for her clients and that sites are well-performing and she, therefore, works very closely with the development team. Due to this, she has devised successful ways of collaborating with her developers and structuring processes for working closely with different teams.

James Leisy

James works as a Technical SEO on the Professional Services team here at DeepCrawl and has been doing SEO for over 10 years, both in house and agency side. James has also worked as an SEO project owner, where he collaborated closely with developers on a daily basis. This inspired him to learn more about their role and enabled him to communicate better with them and build stronger relationships.

Aymen Loukil

Aymen is an international SEO consultant, working within the SEO industry for over 15 years and has consulted for many clients including start-ups, eCommerce sites, and enterprise brands. Aymen is also a former computer engineer and developer which enables him to have a strong understanding of the needs of the developers he works with.

Richard Barrett

Richard is a senior technical analyst here with us at DeepCrawl operating on the Professional Services team and started his career as a full-stack developer, where he identified the importance of SEO and took the time to help educate his team. He naturally gravitated towards technical SEO and has been working in the industry now for around 10 years.


Questions from the Audience

Q: What is the best way to work with the development team in an agile SCRUM framework?

Q: Knowing that tech has limitations for implementations, how can we still create a client-facing SEO plan that drives maximum benefit despite these limitations?

Q: Can you discuss identifying spider traps and JavaScript URLs and best practices to clean up URL and site structure?

Q: What are some easy tips for getting developer buy-in if you don’t have a direct relationship with the tech team?

Q: How can SEOs and Developers find common ground when discussing a project?

Q: Should developers need to learn basic technical SEO?

Q: What are two or three areas you would look to train a developer on within SEO?


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