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MnSearch Summit Twitter-View with Christi Olson

Alongside sponsoring and exhibiting at MnSearch Summit, we’ve selected key speakers, so our community can learn more about some of the Search world’s biggest influencers.

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“I’m going to cover the results from a survey we conducted about how consumers are using Digital Assistants for specific tasks and then walk through what brands can do to prepare their marketing experiences.

The biggest take-away is that search is evolving from keywords to people and to new devices that either don’t have a screen or the screens in the next 5 years aren’t going to be what we’re used to today. (With the rise of autonomous vehicles think of the dashboard or windshield being used as a screen. Think of augmented reality and virtual reality environments – the search results no longer need to be 10 blue links on a page.)”



“What’s exciting is that artificial intelligence and machine learning are creating intelligent agents and services, which is leading to a shift in how we do marketing both as brands and as consumers. Marketers and brands need to start thinking through how consumers engage with them and how to develop intelligent services like bots or voice skills so that digital assistants can help consumers take action.”

Christi is a Bing Evangelist at Microsoft, a popular speaker at events like SMX, and on the Board of Directors at SEMPO.

Hear her speak at MnSearch today on Preparing Digital Assistants and a Zero UI/Screen-less Search Experience at 3.20pm CDT.