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SearchLeeds Twitter-View with DeepCrawl CGO Jon Myers

Alongside sponsoring and exhibiting at SearchLeeds, we’ve selected key speakers, so our community can learn more about some of the Search world’s biggest influencers.

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“Everything they need to consider from a mobile set up perspective. From my session I hope people can take away a lot of practical applications to apply in preparation for the switch to Mobile Index. Not only things that need to happen now – but also the future and longer term gains as we move into a different environment. Mobile is growing, and new things need to be considered to maximise the new Google order.”



“Probably the same thing that has excited me for years! The ongoing evolution of the market place and the ongoing battle to succeed. The market is not standing still and we are seeing some interesting shift and updates from Google currently within their landscape. Also the ever increasing ability to drill deep into data and truly drive decision-lead ROI from it.”

Jon is a decorated Search leader, and DeepCrawl’s Chief Growth Officer.

If you’d like to learn more from Jon about how to prepare for the Mobile First Index with DeepCrawl, head to the DeepCrawl stand at SearchLeeds. You’ll get practical help, and maybe some stickers too!

Stay tuned for more “twitter-views” with SearchLeeds speakers, and some of the Search world’s leading voices.