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SearchLeeds Twitter-View with Will Critchlow

Alongside sponsoring and exhibiting at SearchLeeds, we’ve selected key speakers, so our community can learn more about some of the Search world’s biggest influencers.

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“I want to inspire people to do more testing – I think there is a lot of scope for a bit more science in what we do. I will be presenting how and why we are doing SEO testing, as well as lessons we have learned from the tests themselves. I hope it’ll help people think beyond “best practices”. If anyone wants to read up on the methodology before my session, they can read more here.”



“I love the growth in capabilities powered by the extremely fast improvements in machine learning. Although it does make the algorithms more of a black box (hence the need for more testing – see above!) I feel that searchers are starting to reap the rewards of new features and better results. I’m very excited by the recently-announced visual search (lens) and similar features that I think are going to power the next trillion searches.”

Will is the CEO & Founder of the much loved Marketing agency, Distilled.

Will’s talk at SearchLeeds is on Lessons from SEO Split Testing.

Stay tuned for more “twitter-views” with SearchLeeds speakers, and some of the Search world’s leading voices.

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