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We’re excited for SEO & Love! In preparation, we hosted mini interviews via Twitter, or as we like to call them, ‘twitter-views.’

We’ve spoken with several SEO & Love speakers, so our community can learn more about some of the Search Marketing world’s biggest influencers.

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There will be a lot of great speakers including Aleyda Solis, Dawn Anderson, Bastian Grimm and more.

Without any doubts each speaker will share lots of easy-to-implement tips for your organic strategy in 2017.

SEO and Love is one of the NOT-TO-MISS events in 2017. It may be not too late to buy a ticket and fly to Verona to be with us on the 17th of Feb.

My presentation is entitled The Unconventional Guide To Research, Optimize and Share Your Content. Because of that there will be not much you can find online.

Instead, for 30 minutes I’ll be a guinea pig, sharing my own experience and own tactics I built often from scratch during my 16 year SEO-journey. The main value of this is that my tips don’t need a huge budget or incredible skills. Just take them home and implement the tips.



SEO became an incredibly dynamic industry. AMP, Mobile First Index, Https transition, AnswerBoxes (aka Featued Snippets) and who knows what else.

You really need to keep focus not to loose traction. That is predominantly the biggest challenge. Aside from that there are little challenges like constant optimization of pagespeeed, constant optimization of onpage aspects of your website, finally keeping your content interesting and not just repeating others.

SEO is a marathon and in 2017 its going to be a harder race than in 2016, but at the same time way more exciting to run!

Lukasz is Head of Organic Acquisition at USwitch, and a regular speaker at marketing and SEO conferences world-wide. Find out more here.

Hear Lukasz speak at his session: The Unconventional Guide To Research, Optimize and Share Your Content, at 4.30pm February 17th, 2017.

Stay tuned for more “twitter-views” with SEO & Love speakers, and some of the Search world’s leading voices.