Digital Breakfast: Recap and Slides from Our Speakers

Tristan Pirouz
Tristan Pirouz

On 26th October 2015 • 5 min read

On Thursday 22nd October our team hosted a networking event at the exclusive The Club at The Ivy, playing host to delegates from Net-a-Porter, British Heart Foundation and The Walt Disney Company, among others. The group came together to discuss how to ramp up for peak periods most effectively, with contexts surrounding content, technical SEO and eCommerce.

Alec Bertram from Allotment Digital at DeepCrawl digital breakfast on 22nd October 2015

Highlights included a continental breakfast, networking time and two inspiring presentations from Alec Bertram, Co-founder of Allotment Digital Marketing, and Nancy Scott, SEO Manager at Cancer Research UK.

deepcrawl digital breakfast

We’d like to thank everyone involved in making the event such a success, including the Club at The Ivy and all attendees. Here are the slide decks from Alec and Nancy, plus our notes from the presentations.


Keyword Research: Looking Beyond Common Seasonality


Alec Bertram: Co-founder at Allotment Digital Marketing

Alec Bertram Allotment Digital deepcrawl digital breakfast

Alec Bertram’s insightful talk concerned how to build seasonal trends into the SEO workflow, making your SEO budget work harder and getting one-up on your competitors. Alec’s team help their clients not only target niche topics, but also target them at the time when potential customers are searching for those topics most.

Seasonality in Keyword Research from Allotment Digital

Alec discussed his methods for delving deeper into which keyword topics are most popular during which times of the year. His team are able to predict trends in traffic by sorting keyword topics into months of the year, then using Adwords combined with Long Tail Pro and Ahrefs to analyze the specific times in which they are most used by customers.

This allows them to cut out all of the guesswork and plan their content calendar according to accurate data.


Overcoming Crawlability Issues and Preparing for Peak Periods


Nancy Scott: SEO Manager at Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK's SEO Manager Nancy Scott at DeepCrawl's digital breakfast

Cancer Research UK’s Nancy Scott discussed how overcoming technical challenges caused by legacy systems led to huge traffic growth around the charity’s Dryathlon event in January.


Nancy Scott – Cancer Research UK – SEO & Crawlability from Anna Morrison

The charity’s main technical SEO issue was based around multiple legacy microsites and platforms: they have performed 10 migrations this year and have many more to go. But the problems didn’t end there: using DeepCrawl, they then discovered that the site was uncrawlable, with 1.7million non-indexable pages and over 12,000 internal broken links. Compare those numbers to 70,000 indexed pages and you’ve got a big crawling efficiency problem that needs a robust crawling tool to make the clean-up operation more efficient.

Nancy uses DeepCrawl to get a better picture of the site when planning for migrations and constantly reruns crawls to get the best data output, using that data to implement technical change and investigate legacy issues.

For example, Nancy found that pages were being deleted when campaigns ended, leading to 404 errors and losing the valuable backlinks that the charity had gained during each campaign. This then meant that during every yearly Dryathlon campaign the charity had to start from scratch in terms of organic SEO, despite earning natural links from big sites every year through PR, and weren’t even ranking for terms related to Dryathlon.

This data and knowledge created a change of internal processes, leading to a huge increase in organic traffic during the 2015 Dryathlon. Teams no longer deleted old campaign pages, instead re-using the same URLs that had backlinks pointing back at them, and treated content as a lifecycle, not a static process.

The work that the team were doing to clean-up the broken links and other crawlability issues throughout the site also meant that the content could shine, and organic search was the second largest driver of traffic during the 2015 campaign, just 10,000 visits behind social.

DeepCrawl Digital Breakfast october 2015


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