Self-Reflection: How We Can Do Better

Jennifer Hoffman
Jennifer Hoffman

On 9th April 2019 • 3 min read

We would like to start by apologizing to everyone as a whole who was impacted or involved in the conversation, but most importantly to those who are or have been victims of any form of domestic or sexual violence. This is a widespread issue that impacts more people around us every day than we even realize, and one that we do not take lightly.

The conversations around SMX Munich and the SEO community sparked internal conversations here at DeepCrawl. It’s important for us that our employees have a safe space to share their stories and experiences, and the conversations we had with them was an eye opening experience for us. This became an opportunity for us to learn and understand more about what other colleagues are going through, their backgrounds, and their journeys that got them to where they are today.

We all have our own individual pasts and historical experiences. We have our own biases and perspectives on the world. All of this collectively can prohibit or prevent us from considering or thinking about someone else’s perspective, or how a certain event might trigger a different response in someone else. Admittedly, I am that ignorant person, despite my best efforts, I still neglect to think about others’ perspectives. I forget that just because something doesn’t impact me, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t impact someone else. And I was reminded of that in a very glaring way last week in having these conversations with my own team.

Here at DeepCrawl we want to continue to actively promote a safe space for employees to be able to speak up about concerns, challenges, and struggles without the fear of judgement. We also want to create an environment where we are conscious of the diverse culture we have created. This is why we have decided to empower our employees with the necessary tools and knowledge to become advocates for change, and to set the example for diversity and inclusion!

We’ve made a commitment to provide our full staff with sensitivity, diversity and inclusion training which will also become part of our standard DeepCrawl on-boarding process so that it becomes baked into our company culture and part of our core values. Further to this initial training, we also want to arm our staff with additional documentation and resources to help anyone internal or external seek safety and support if they themselves are victims of any form of violence; domestic, sexual, child abuse, bullying, etc.

We know that we as an organization can do better, can lead better and set a positive example for what a safe and inclusive working environment looks like. It’s through acceptance, understanding and inclusion that we can help have a positive impact on the world.


Jennifer Hoffman
Jennifer Hoffman

Former Marketing Director at Deepcrawl. Quirky. Fun. VERY Opinionated. Lives for music, sports, good food and cocktails, definitely cocktails!

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