Google Webmaster Hangout Notes: January 10th 2020


Episode 10 – Will Critchlow – Open Dialog


Google Webmaster Hangout Notes: January 7th 2020


Google Webmaster Hangout Notes: December 27th 2019




16th September 2015 • 5 min read

Google Webmaster Hangout: 11th September 2015

In Friday’s Google Webmaster Hangout, John Mueller explained more about Sitelinks Searchbox markup, stated that 301 redirects should be kept…


14th September 2015 • 8 min read

Google Webmaster Hangout Notes: 14th September 2015

Tuesday’s Google Webmaster Hangout with John Mueller covered international sites, Index Status counts, 302 redirects and PageRank, among other interesting…

Best Practice

10th September 2015 • 16 min read

The Zen Guide to HTTPS Configuration

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since August 2014, you’ll have heard that Google has started using HTTPS as…

Best Practice

9th September 2015 • 14 min read

Taming Parameters

While parameters are a dream for analytics boffins or developers, their tendency to create hundreds of thousands of URLs out…

Best Practice

9th September 2015 • 11 min read

Angular JS and SEO

JavaScript and SEO have been arch enemies for a very long time. It is not news to any SEO that…

Best Practice

4th September 2015 • 7 min read

Domain Design for SEOs

Following on from our post on reaching URL design nirvana, we’re now dipping a toe into the murky world of…

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28th August 2015 • 12 min read

7 Duplicate Content Issues You Need to Fix Now

We all know that we shouldn’t be copying content from other websites. But did you know that duplicate content can…

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18th August 2015 • 6 min read

Scraping images with DeepCrawl

Last week I got an offer to dropship approximately 7,300 products from a supplier. The supplier said, he had a…

Best Practice

14th August 2015 • 8 min read

Expired Content for SEOs

All websites have their own ‘churn and change’ frequency: a homepage might change once a month, a blog might update…

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