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Best Practice

9th September 2015 • 14 min read

Taming Parameters

While parameters are a dream for analytics boffins or developers, their tendency to create hundreds of thousands of URLs out…

Best Practice

9th September 2015 • 11 min read

Angular JS and SEO

JavaScript and SEO have been arch enemies for a very long time. It is not news to any SEO that…

Best Practice

4th September 2015 • 7 min read

Domain Design for SEOs

Following on from our post on reaching URL design nirvana, we’re now dipping a toe into the murky world of…

Best Practice

28th August 2015 • 12 min read

7 Duplicate Content Issues You Need to Fix Now

We all know that we shouldn’t be copying content from other websites. But did you know that duplicate content can…

Best Practice

18th August 2015 • 6 min read

Scraping images with DeepCrawl

Last week I got an offer to dropship approximately 7,300 products from a supplier. The supplier said, he had a…

Best Practice

14th August 2015 • 13 min read

A Guide to URL Design

On the road to URL nirvana, there is a power struggle that must first be overcome. Your URLs must be…

Best Practice

14th August 2015 • 8 min read

Expired Content for SEOs

All websites have their own ‘churn and change’ frequency: a homepage might change once a month, a blog might update…

Best Practice

11th August 2015 • 5 min read

Social tagging: Why it’s an SEO’s problem

Just like meta information affects CTR from a SERP, social tagging directly influences how your site performs on social media.…

Best Practice

10th August 2015 • 13 min read

Sitemap Audits and Advanced Configuration

While Google and other search engines are getting better at finding pages on their own, Sitemaps can help by giving…

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