DeepCrawl 2.0 has Arrived!

Tristan Pirouz
Tristan Pirouz

On 13th July 2016 • 2 min read

DeepCrawl 2 Dashboard

DeepCrawl 2.0 has Arrived!

We’re happy to announce a major update to DeepCrawl, with improved crawl speed and a completely fresh design, including new reports that have been developed around the most important areas of SEO for 2016.

The new version is 3x faster, so you can crawl sites with millions of URLs in days and we’ve added more than 50 new reports to give you fresh insights to help boost your rankings:

New mobile configuration reports

Now you can flag which of your URLs are dynamic, responsive, accelerated or have no mobile configuration and highlight pages which have disallowed JS and CSS.

new mobile reports

Unique internal links report

Our Unique Internal Links report gives you visibility on how many links with unique anchor text there are into any given page, so you can optimize the anchor text used in those links to help the page rank for more terms.

new unique links report

Hreflang reports

Show you pages with broken hreflang links, plus hreflang combinations on each URL so you can ensure the right content is localized.

new hreflang reports

We highlight linked images with empty alt tags so you can boost relevancy.

Plus additional new features:


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Tristan Pirouz
Tristan Pirouz

Tristan is a Former Head of Marketing at Deepcrawl.

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