An internal link audit using DeepCrawl

Engagement. We all want it, don’t we?

Keeping bounce rates low, time on site high and titles as irresistible as cat nip have all become the ultimate goal for any online marketer.

Why? Because the big boys said so: Google is thought to use engagement signals for ranking and now Facebook is finding more complex ways to decide which content to show in your followers’ newsfeeds.

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A Kick-Ass Link Audit Webinar

On Tuesday 16th December Kit Nicols, DeepCrawl’s Global AM, was joined by JJ Grice from Branded3 to highlight key learnings from 2014.

Tune in for 45 minutes as Kit and JJ share their insights on:

Increasing engagement & reputation via outbound link audits
Manual penalty recovery & dealing with any negative SEO attempts via inbound (backlink) audits
Branded3’s tool recommendations
A link audit action plan for 2015

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A Kick-Ass Outbound Link Audit

When you link to another website, you’re endorsing their content.

A mis-judged outbound link (otherwise known as an external link) to an irrelevant, spam or otherwise untrustworthy source sends a message to search engines that your site is not trustworthy or relevant enough to rank highly, and also leads your readers to question your judgement.

On the other hand, a few contextual outbound links can help reduce your bounce rate and increase your engagement rate. And we all know how good that feels. More on that later.That’s why it’s so important to audit and monitor your outbound links to make sure they serve a real purpose, while also keeping Google happy.

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Crawling Backlinks

If you simply want to strip out parameters, you can list them on separate lines in the Remove Parameters option in Advanced Settings. e.g. Add ‘page’ to strip all parameters such as page=1, page=2, etc.

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