5XX Errors

5XX error codes occur when the server is unable to complete a request from a user. There are several 5XX errors which may be generated for a number of different reasons, due to internal server errors, bad gateways or a server timeout. Our Hangout Notes cover a range of these issues, with recommendations for addressing and reducing these.

Avoid Serving a 503 Error for Days in a Row to Keep Site in Search

August 21, 2018 Source

If a site serves a 503 error for several days in a row, then Google may start to assume that your site might be completely gone rather than temporarily unavailable and start removing pages from search.

Google Won’t Necessarily Follow the Date or Time Set in Retry-After Header

August 21, 2018 Source

The Retry-After HTTP header is good practice to use alongside a 503 status code, but Google doesn’t always follow this as many sites use it in a generic way, and may retry your site sooner than you’ve specified.

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