Alt Tags

An alt tag is the text used to explain what an image is displaying and is useful for both search engines and users, as it provides a better understanding of the image. There are several factors to consider to ensure alt text is optimized and follows best practice formats, these are explored in our Hangout Notes, along with recommendations from Google.

Image Links Pass the Same Weight as Text Links

March 24, 2017 Source

Provided you have alt text on the image, which is equivalent to the anchor text, image links should be treated the same as text links.

There are no limits to Link Titles, Image Titles and Alt Tags

January 24, 2017 Source

Title Attribute on Links is Ignored

March 8, 2016 Source

Google ignores the title attribute in anchor links, but does use alt tags for images inside a link.

Image Alt Text Adds to the Page Content

March 8, 2016 Source

Adding alt tags adds content to the overall page.

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