Backlinks are an important factor in search rankings, as they display trust and authority to pages on a website. However, there are a number of best practices which need to be adhered to, including ensuring links are relevant and not seen as spam. Our Hangout Notes cover these, along with other key insights from Google.

Google Largely Ignores Press Release Links and Content

January 12, 2018 Source

Content and links in press releases are largely ignored by Google because this is something the webmaster of the target site has helped to publish. Press release links aren’t seen as spammy but aren’t give the same weight as more natural links.

Links in Search Console Don’t Reflect What Algorithms or Penalties Are Using

November 28, 2017 Source

If a bad link appears in Search Console, that doesn’t mean this is automatically being included in any algorithms or penalties.

The Disavow File is Only Needed for Manual Action Penalties

November 14, 2017 Source

The disavow file should mainly be used when there is a manual action to help with the reconsideration request. For sites that don’t have a manual action, Google will try to ignore any manipulative links automatically.

Disavowing Links From Partial Manual Actions Isn’t Necessary

October 31, 2017 Source

If a site has received a partial manual action for spammy links, these links will have already been taken out of consideration by the Webspam team. In this case, it is up to the webmaster if you want to disavow the spammy links or leave them there.

Google Counts Links When Removed From Disavow Files

October 31, 2017 Source

Removing URLs from the disavow file means Google will count these links again the next time they are processed.

Not All Links Shown in Search Console

October 20, 2017 Source

Not all links are shown in Search Console. Google tries to pick ones that are relevant and doesn’t include every example of a sitewide link.

Multiple Options for Internal Search Pages with External Links

August 25, 2017 Source

Internal search pages are commonly blocked from indexing in robots.txt. However, if you have external links pointing to internal search pages you can block and allow URLs in a few ways to maximise link equity.

Link Authority Is Lost When a Site Completely Changes

June 16, 2017 Source

If the content on a site significantly changes to a new topic, any authority from backlinks will be lost.

No limits to the Number of Nofollowed External Links on a Page

May 30, 2017 Source

Google doesn�۪t have a limit for the number of nofollowed external links on a page.

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