Backlinks are an important factor in search rankings, as they display trust and authority to pages on a website. However, there are a number of best practices which need to be adhered to, including ensuring links are relevant and not seen as spam. Our Hangout Notes cover these, along with other key insights from Google.

Search Console Backlinks Include Nofollowed Links

April 4, 2017 Source

Google includes nofollowed links in the Search Console backlinks data to discourage a focus on followed links, and help you understand which content is generating the most links.

Don’t Disallow a Migrated Domain

January 10, 2017 Source

If you disallow a migrated domain, Google can’t follow any of redirects, so backlink authority cannot be passed on.

Google Resets A Site’s Backlink Profile If The Content Changes Completely

December 27, 2016 Source

Google can recognise when a new site is hosted on an old domain and ignore any older links to the site before it changed.

Backlinks are reported in Search Console on the canonical domains

December 16, 2016 Source

If you canonicalise domain variants (www/non-www/http/https), all of the backlinks will be reported in Search Console under the canonical domain.

Links to 404 Pages Don’t Influence Penguin

November 1, 2016 Source

If you 404 a page, all links into the page are dropped from the link graph, and won’t impact Penguin algorithm.

Penguin Ignores Most Links so Only Very Bad Profiles Incur a Penalty

October 21, 2016 Source

Only sites with very bad backlink profiles are likely to see any penalty. Penguin is now mostly ignoring links rather than applying any penalty.

Location and Language Don’t Affect Backlinks

October 18, 2016 Source

The weight of backlinks isn’t affected by the location or language of the website.

Google Penguin Devalues Links Instead of Penalising Them

October 4, 2016 Source

The new algorithm in Penguin devalues spammy links instead of applying a penalty. Despite this, John says getting rid of disavow completely would be a bad strategy, as you can use the disavow file for any links you do not want to be associated with.

Canonicals on Shared Content to the Original Source Consolidate Authority

September 20, 2016 Source

Canonical on Shared Content Should consolidate backlink authority on the original.

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