Backlinks are an important factor in search rankings, as they display trust and authority to pages on a website. However, there are a number of best practices which need to be adhered to, including ensuring links are relevant and not seen as spam. Our Hangout Notes cover these, along with other key insights from Google.

Verify All Domain Variations in Search Console

August 25, 2014 Source

In Webmaster Tools, you need to verify all combinations of your domain. e.g. www/non-www, http/https in order to see all the backlinks.

Redirecting URLs Do Lose Some PageRank

August 25, 2014 Source

Changing URLs and using redirects does result in a small loss of PageRank. Keeping original URLs is still better if possible. This is also why Google recommend updating backlinks.

Backlink Data in Search Console Is Delayed

August 25, 2014 Source

Backlinks reported in Webmaster Tools come directly from the Googebot web crawling process, give or take a few days delay.

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