Canonicalization is a method used to help prevent duplicate content issues and manage the indexing of URLs in search engines. Implementing the canonical tag link attribute “rel=canonical” is a signal to search engines about the preferred page for indexing, and will be abided to in most cases when it is correctly implemented to an equivalent page. Our Hangout Notes on canonicalization provide best practice advice and insights for how it is handled by search engines.

Internal links should use canonical URLs

September 11, 2015 Source

Avoid internal linking to non-canonical URLs.

Noindexing paginated pages is OK

September 11, 2015 Source

But canonicalsing makes much more sense which he doesn’t mention.

Only use indexable canonical URLs for app deep links

September 11, 2015 Source

Links on paginated pages

September 8, 2015 Source

In response to a question about whether it is ok to canonicalize back to page one of a paginated set, John expanded more on whether Google counts links within pagination:

Don’t Noindex Canonicalised Pages

August 25, 2015 Source

You shouldn’t noindex pages which are canonicalised, otherwise they might ignore the canonical tag.

Don’t canonicalise groups of pages to a single URL

August 14, 2015 Source

Canonicalising a large number of pages to a single page will probably be ignored.

Canonicalised Pages Show up in Google’s Index

May 19, 2015 Source

Canonicalised pages will still show up for site: searches, but that doesn’t mean the canonical tags aren’t working.

Submit Canonical URLs in Sitemaps and Other References

April 24, 2015 Source

Use consistent canonical URLs in Sitemaps and other internal references.

Hreflanged Pages in the Same Language Don’t Need to Be Duplicates

April 24, 2015 Source

If you connect pages together with hreflang which are in the same language e.g. UK/US/Australia, they don’t need to be duplicates. They are allowed quite a lot of variation as if they were different languages.

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