Google’s disavow tool enables webmasters to inform Google that they do not want a backlink to be counted and considered when they review the links pointing to a website. This is particularly useful if there are several unnatural links pointing to a site. Our Hangout Notes cover further advice for using the tool, along with examples from Google.

Don’t Disavow Links to Old Content

July 8, 2016 Source

You don’t need to disavow links for old content which is no longer on the site, you should only do it for links from low quality sites.

Disavow On the New Domain After a Migration

October 16, 2015 Source

When you migrate a website to a new domain, you only need a disavow on the new domain.

You Don’t Need to Remove Links If Asked

April 21, 2015 Source

If someone asks you to remove a link to them, you can just ignore them. They can disavow you if they want, which won’t harm your site.

Disavow Backlinks on New and Migrating Domains

December 2, 2014 Source

If you migrate a site to a new domain which has unnatural backlinks, you should disavow the unnatural links on the new domain as well.

Reconsideration Requests Don’t Work for Algorithmic Penalties

October 6, 2014 Source

Reconsideration requests can’t be made for algorithmic penalties like Panda and Penguin. You need to do is disavow the links, or fix the quality issues for the penalty to be lifted in time.

Monitor and Disavow Backlinks Regularly

September 26, 2014 Source

It’s good to monitor your new backlinks links for potentially low quality, irrelevant links, and disavow them, to avoid any risks from backlink penalties.

Disavow Works Immediately to Prevent New Penalties

September 22, 2014 Source

A disavow link submission file is processed as soon as you submit it, and the link will effectively be nofollowed or blocked the next time the the link is crawled, so this will prevent a new penalty.

Backlink Disavow Doesn’t Do Anything Until Google Updates Penguin Data

August 29, 2014 Source

If you have a Penguin penalty for backlinks, and you remove or disavow those backlinks, you won’t see any effect until Google updates the algorithm again and refreshes the data. John says it’s a long delay and you should go as far as possible with disavow including domain level disallow directive to make sure you cover as much as you can.

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