External Linking

External linking is the practice of including links to other websites within your content. These links help search engines understand the context of the page, as well as providing a good user experience. There are several methods of external linking, of which Google handles differently, these are explored within our Hangout Notes, along with further recommendations.

Unlinked URLs Don’t Count as Links

May 19, 2015 Source

Unlinked domains and URLs within body text don’t have any ranking benefits. if something isn’t linked, it won’t count towards PageRank.

You Don’t Need to Remove Links If Asked

April 21, 2015 Source

If someone asks you to remove a link to them, you can just ignore them. They can disavow you if they want, which won’t harm your site.

Most Affiliate Links Are Automatically Nofollowed

October 6, 2014 Source

Affiliate links for main affiliate programs are automatically recognised and effectively nofollowed. They won’t cause penalties.

Affiliate Links Should be Nofollowed

August 29, 2014 Source

Affiliate links should be nofollowed like any other paid link.

Google Plus Posts Are Treated Like Any Other Page

August 29, 2014 Source

Google Plus posts are ranked, and pass authority to other pages, in the same ways as normal web pages, not in any special way.

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