Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are additional items within Google’s search results pages which display content from a website, that is deemed relevant for the search query, in a prominent position within the results. There are several things which can appear within featured snippets, these are covered within our Hangout Notes, along with best practice recommendations from Google for achieving them.

Streamed Content Won’t Appear in Featured Snippets

March 19, 2019 Source

Featured snippets will only use recorded video content rather than streamed videos. Make sure these streamed videos are recorded to ensure they can appear as featured snippets.

Having HTTP Version in Google Listings or Snippets Can Drive Impressions Even After HTTPS Migration

October 2, 2018 Source

If you’re seeing impressions and clicks for the HTTP version of your site after migrating to HTTPS, this could be because the HTTP version is linked to somewhere externally in a knowledge box or your Google My Business listing, for example.

Relevance is the Primary Factor For Showing Featured Snippets

May 15, 2018 Source

The main factor for deciding what to show in featured snippets is relevance. Things like authority aren’t taken into account.

Quality is Assessed Differently for Featured Snippets & Rich Snippets

April 3, 2018 Source

Quality is assessed in a different way for featured snippets and rich snippets. So your site can be showing for rich snippets but not featured snippets, and the other way around.

A Featured Snippet Can Source its Text & Image from Different Sites

April 3, 2018 Source

Images in featured snippets are sometimes taken from a different website to the one where the text snippet was taken from.

Secondary Content’ Won’t be Used for Snippets

January 27, 2017 Source

Content not instantly visible is treated as secondary content and wouldn’t be used for snippets until Google shifts to mobile first indexing

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