Images are used on websites to provide more engaging experiences for users, while also presenting more information around a topic. While positive for user experience, images can cause issues for a website’s SEO and performance. Our Hangout Notes cover more insights into the impact of unoptimized images, as well as best practice recommendations from Google.

Google Supports X-Robots Noindex to Block Images for Googlebot

December 21, 2018 Source

Google respects x-robots noindex in image response headers.

Google Chooses a Higher Resolution Image Where Multiple Versions Exist

December 21, 2018 Source

If you have both high and low resolution versions of images, Google will prefer the higher resolution version.

Image Sitemaps Help Google Understand Which Images You Want to Be Indexed

December 21, 2018 Source

Google can find images to index in the source code, but Sitemaps can help them to confirm which images you want to be indexed.

Unique Images are More Likely to Generate a Link to Your Pages in Google Image search

November 30, 2018 Source

Google image search will de-deuplicate images used on multiple websites and only link to a single page with the image, so a unique photo can be shown separately.

Alt Text Helps Google Understand Pages Beyond Image Search

November 13, 2018 Source

Text in the alt attribute of images is seen as text on the page and can help Google better understand the page a little bit better beyond image search. However, the text in the alt attribute will likely be somewhere on the page anyway.

Image Aspect Ratio Important For Some Types of Structured Data

October 5, 2018 Source

Image aspect ratio can be important for some types of structured data and rich results like recipes. John recommends following Google’s suggested image aspect ratio and minimal size.

Check Alt Text is Present on Mobile Version of Images

October 5, 2018 Source

John recommends checking that the alt text is present for the mobile version of images for mobile-first indexing. This is something Google has seen missing from sites that serve different content on mobile.

Avoid Using Lazy-loading For Crucial Images & Content

September 21, 2018 Source

If you have images and content that are essential to the website, then avoid using lazy-loading for these elements as Googlebot isn’t always able to process them.

Image URLs Can be Flagged as Soft 404s in GSC

September 18, 2018 Source

The GSC Index Coverage report may flag image URLs as soft 404s if they have a non-standard image URL. This is because they are seen as a 200 page without any HTML.

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