Last Modified

The last modified date is a response typically contained within a sitemap file and is used to inform search engines when a page was last updated. This can be used to encourage a search engine to re-crawl a page faster due to the content being seen as updated. As Google place high importance on the last modified date within an XML sitemap, our Hangout Notes cover further advice and recommendations around the use of this.

Add Last Modified to Redirects in Sitemaps

August 9, 2016 Source

When Redirecting URLs include them in a Sitemap with a last modified date set after the redirect was put in place, it will encourage them to be crawled more quickly

Last Modified In Sitemaps Aids Crawling

July 8, 2016 Source

Google thinks the Last Modified date in an XML Sitemap can be very useful to help them recrawl URLs, and they also support RSS and Atom feeds.

Change Frequency and Priority in Sitemaps Are Ignored

October 10, 2014 Source

Change Frequency and Priority in XML Sitemaps are not used by web search, but the lastmod date is used.

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