A rel=”nofollow” attribute can be added to links to inform search engines to ignore and not follow them. Nofollow links do not pass authority and will therefore not impact search rankings and can be used for both internal and external links. Within our SEO Office Hours Notes below, we cover advice from Google around how they manage this directive with further recommendations for best practice use of nofollow tags.

Prevent Excessive Crawling on Filters, Sort Orders and Pagination with Nofollow

September 23, 2016 Source

Add nofollow to filtered, sorted and paginated results pages to prevent excessive crawling.

Don’t Use Nofollow on Footer Links

September 23, 2016 Source

John recommends against using nofollow on footer links.

Add Nofollow to Shared Links

July 29, 2016 Source

If you are giving out links to be shared on other websites, you should ask for nofollow to be added. If a few links are added without the nofollow, it probably won’t cause a penalty, but you can disavow the URLs with the links to be safe.

Don’t Use Nofollow for PageRank Sculpting

July 29, 2016 Source

John says it’s OK to use nofollow internally to prevent things like a calendar being crawled, but recommends against it for PageRank sculpting and says it won’t change anything.

Googlebot Requires a Consistent Response for Different User Agents

July 8, 2016 Source

You need to provide the same response for all users based in the US, including Googlebot, or the content might not be indexed.

Google Crawls Repeated Links Where One is Nofollowed

May 17, 2016 Source

If you have 2 links on a page to the same target, but one is nofollowed, then Google will just crawl the followable link.

JavaScript Affliliate Links Should be Nofollowed

May 6, 2016 Source

Any affiliate links which are added using JavaScript should also be nofollowed.

May 6, 2016 Source

Publishing multiple versions of a page on different sites, and canonicalising to a single page for link building, is not acceptable. The duplicates should be nofollowed.

Nofollow Is Ok to Control Googlebot

February 12, 2016 Source

It’s OK to use nofollow on internal links to control Googlebot behaviour but you need to be careful you are not making it hard for your site to be crawled.

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