PageRank is an algorithm used by Google to measure the importance and quality of a page to help rank it within search results. As a key element to Google’s algorithm, it is important to understand how PageRank is determined and how it is used. We cover this within our Hangout Notes along with further insights from Google.

Place Links to Important Pages Higher in a Site Hierarchy

July 7, 2017 Source

Make sure links to your most important pages are relatively high up in a site hierarchy so Googlebot and users can reach them quickly and so Google can pass Pagerank more quickly.

Google Recognises When a Different Site is Launched on an Old Domain

June 30, 2017 Source

When a new site appears on a domain that was previously used by a different site or company, Google attempts to recognise it as a different site.

PageRank to Noindex Pages is Passed On

November 29, 2016 Source

PageRank from links to pages which are noindexed will still be passed on to other pages via internal links.

Link Position Doesn’t Affect Weight

November 29, 2016 Source

The position of links in content doesn’t affect the weighting.

Noindex Pages Pass Authority but Might Be Dropped over Time

October 7, 2016 Source

A noindexed page can still pass link authority through its followed links, but if it remains noindexed for a long time, Google may drop the page and the authority will be lost.

Multiple Links From a Page to Another Count Once

September 20, 2016 Source

Multiple links from one page to another are only counted once for PageRank, even if the anchor text is different. He is vague on the impact of the separate anchor text.

Re-use Old URLs for Updated Content

September 9, 2016 Source

For pages which are updated annually, or when a new product model is released, it makes more sense to keep the same URL and update the content, otherwise you may see the old page ranking instead of the new one as it has better ranking signals. If you need to keep the old content, you can republish it on a new archive URL.

Hreflang Doesn’t Pass PageRank

July 29, 2016 Source

Hreflang doesn’t passPageRank. You can still choose to link the pages together to pass PageRank.

Status Codes and Disavows are Not Permanent

July 29, 2016 Source

404 and 410 do not have permanent effects. If you change them back to 200 then the pages will become indexed again, or redirects will start to pass PageRank. Disavow also isn’t permanent, so if you remove the URLs from the disavow file they will start to pass PageRank, although this won’t happen until the URLs are recrawled.

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