Search Algorithms

Search engines have complex search algorithms which are used to ensure they are able to display the most relevant and useful results to their users. While algorithm changes are common and won’t usually affect a site’s ranking, search engines such as Google will occasionally introduce a major update which may impact search results. Our Hangout Notes cover insights from Google around these algorithms with best practice advice.

Reconsideration Requests Don’t Work for Algorithmic Penalties

October 6, 2014 Source

Reconsideration requests can’t be made for algorithmic penalties like Panda and Penguin. You need to do is disavow the links, or fix the quality issues for the penalty to be lifted in time.

Click Behaviour is Used to Improve Google’s algorithm

August 29, 2014 Source

The interaction with search results is used to measure search results quality. The more clicking around, the worse the search results page. John says it’s not calculated per query, but it used to assess their different algorithms over large numbers of searches.

Domain Registration Data Is Not Used for Ranking

August 25, 2014 Source

Domain registration data is not used as a ranking signal

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