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Google Search Console, previously Webmaster Tools, is a free tool provided by Google for website owners to monitor performance and traffic, as well as providing optimisation recommendations and fixes. Our Hangout Notes cover a range of advice from Google to help you better understand and get the most out of this fundamental SEO tool.

Use a Proxy to Test Development Sites with Google Tools

March 20, 2020 Source

If Google’s testing tools like the Mobile Friendly Test, won’t work with a disallowed or noindexed locally hosted development site, Google provides a guide to implementing a proxy to bypass any firewalls.

Owners Can be Removed From Search Console by Removing their Verification Token

March 17, 2020 Source

If you have an owner in Search Console that you want to remove, you need to remove the token which was used to validate the user, then you can unverify the user. You can use the user and permissions settings section to identify the verification method for a verified user.

Search Console Reports Google Discover Traffic More Accurately Than Web Analytics

February 21, 2020 Source

Google search discover doesn’t pass a specific referral string which can be used by web analytics to identify the source, whereas Search Console reports it specifically.

The URL Inspection Tool Can’t be Used to Test Images

February 21, 2020 Source

Google needs to be able to find clean image tags pointing to the image URL with a proper source attribute, which can be affected by lazy loading and responsive image loading based a device. You can’t test images directly using the URL inspection tool, but you can check the rendered HTML to see if the image links are being recognised.

Search Console Enhancement Reports Are Based on Samples Which Can Change

February 21, 2020 Source

Search Console enhancement reports including mobile usability are based on a sample of pages which can change in size, so you should focus on the percentage of pages with issues and the specific issues highlighted.

Search Console Index Status is More Accurate than Google Site Search

February 21, 2020 Source

The Search Console index status is extremely accurate, whereas the site search command does not include everything which is indexed, and the search count shown is generated quickly instead of accurately.

GSC Fresh Data Isn’t Available in the API

February 18, 2020 Source

When using a tool like Google Data Studio, you may see inconsistent performance data from GSC as the fresh data isn’t included in the API. This is because processing work is often required to clean up the fresh data first before including it in the API.

GSC Click Data is Attributed to Pages Shown in SERPs, Not Pages They Redirect To

February 18, 2020 Source

If a website is set up to redirect depending on elements like the user’s IP address, Google Search Console will attribute click data to the source page that is shown in the SERPs that is clicked on, rather than a redirection target page.

The Remove Cache Tool in GSC Doesn’t Affect Live Indexing

February 18, 2020 Source

The remove cache tool in Google Search Console simply hides the cached page from the search results and removes the snippet, but it doesn’t impact the indexing of the page.

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