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Google Search Console, previously Webmaster Tools, is a free tool provided by Google for website owners to monitor performance and traffic, as well as providing optimisation recommendations and fixes. Our Hangout Notes cover a range of advice from Google to help you better understand and get the most out of this fundamental SEO tool.

The Request Review Option in GSC Is The Best Way to Inform Google That Content is Legitimate

July 12, 2019 Source

If Google Search Console is flagging that content appears to be hacked, the request review approach is the best way to inform Google that the content is legitimate.

GSC UI & API Use Same Data Source

June 28, 2019 Source

Google Search Console’s UI and API both use the same data source, so any there shouldn’t be any discrepancies in data between the two.

Resource Loading Errors Within Mobile Friendly Test and GSC Don’t Reflect Indexing Errors

May 28, 2019 Source

Within the Mobile Friendly Test and Inspect URL Tool, Google fetches all of the page content and embedded URLs including images, fonts and JavaScript, which can sometimes cause timeout issues. However, this shouldn’t affect the indexing of the content for search results due to caching and the use of older versions of files.

Image URLs Won’t Be Fetched in the GSC URL Inspection Tool

May 17, 2019 Source

The URL Inspection tool in Search Console is based on search results and will therefore only display web pages. If Google recognises a URL is an image, it will not be fetched with the tool and will most likely display a ‘blocked by robots.txt’ message.

The URL Parameter Tool in GSC is Still Effective

May 17, 2019 Source

Despite not currently being moved over to the new Search Console, the URL parameter tool is still effective to manage parameter crawling.

URL Removal Tool in GSC is Fastest Way to Remove a Test Site From Search Results

May 17, 2019 Source

While there are several ways to remove a staging site from organic search results, including blocking Googlebot from crawling it or returning 404 or 410 error codes, John recommends using the URL Removal tool in GSC to remove it quickly.

How-to and FAQ Reports Now Available in GSC

May 10, 2019 Source

Sites which feature the new How-to and FAQ structured mark-up will have access to these reports within Google Search Console. For more news and announcments from the Google I/O conference held last week, including updates to GSC, Lighthouse and Googlebot, check out our comprehensive recap of key takeaways for SEOs.

Google May Temporarily Test Displaying Sites to Users in Different Countries

May 3, 2019 Source

Google will test displaying sites to users in different counties to see if the content is useful for them, so data in GSC may be affected by these temporary changes. You can usually identify temporary behaviour by checking the number of impressions seen for certain pages in different countries to see if it lower than what is typically seen.

Disrupted Index Coverage Report Data in April Due to Indexing Bug

May 1, 2019 Source

Google’s indexing issues occurred from 9th-25th April and data in the Index Coverage report could not be shown during this time. John hopes to write a post clarifying how Google handles these types of situations internally.

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