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Google Search Console, previously Webmaster Tools, is a free tool provided by Google for website owners to monitor performance and traffic, as well as providing optimisation recommendations and fixes. Our Hangout Notes cover a range of advice from Google to help you better understand and get the most out of this fundamental SEO tool.

Manual Penalties Expire Automatically

November 21, 2014 Source

Manual penalties will show up in Webmaster Tools, and will expire naturally after an amount of time. Algorithmic penalties are only updated when the algorithm and data is refreshed, or the algorithm is retired.

Search Console Reports Canonicalised Pages with Duplicate Titles

November 21, 2014 Source

Search Console will report pages as having duplicate titles, even if they have been canonicalised

Soft 404 Errors Can Identify Thin Pages

November 7, 2014 Source

The Soft 404 errors report in Webmaster Tools is a good way of identifying thin pages which Google don’t think have any original content.

Only Manual Penalties Show in Search Console

September 26, 2014 Source

Only manual Google penalties are shown in Webmaster Tools. They can be applied to a single subdomain, or all subdomains of a domain. They are removed automatically after a fixed period.

Submit Sitemaps with Changed URLs

September 12, 2014 Source

If you change many URLs, you should submit a sitemap with the old URLs to Google which will help them pick up the redirects to the new URLs. Webmaster tools will report errors with the sitemap, because it only contains redirecting URLs, but this is fine.

Verify All Domain Variations in Search Console

August 25, 2014 Source

In Webmaster Tools, you need to verify all combinations of your domain. e.g. www/non-www, http/https in order to see all the backlinks.

Backlink Data in Search Console Is Delayed

August 25, 2014 Source

Backlinks reported in Webmaster Tools come directly from the Googebot web crawling process, give or take a few days delay.

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