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A search query is the word or string of words a user types into a search engine and will be used to determine the most relevant and useful results for what they are looking for. Our Hangout Notes cover insights from Google around how they use and understand search queries, along with recommendations for optimising your site for searcher intent.

Site Quality Doesn’t Impact Whether Sitelinks Shown in SERPs

August 9, 2019 Source

Google will display sitelinks in search results when it makes sense for the query a user is searching for. It isn’t determined by the quality of a website.

Google Discover is Based on User Interests Rather than Queries

June 28, 2019 Source

Google Discover isn’t associated with queries as it is based on what Google thinks the user’s interests are, so to show up there you need to focus on topics that interest your users rather than keywords.

Google May Temporarily Test Displaying Sites to Users in Different Countries

May 3, 2019 Source

Google will test displaying sites to users in different counties to see if the content is useful for them, so data in GSC may be affected by these temporary changes. You can usually identify temporary behaviour by checking the number of impressions seen for certain pages in different countries to see if it lower than what is typically seen.

Including Jump Links Doesn’t Have a Direct Impact on Rankings

April 5, 2019 Source

Including jump links within a piece of content can improve usability but this doesn’t have any direct impact on search and rankings.

Previously Visited Pages Are More Likely to Be Shown in Personalized SERPs

April 5, 2019 Source

If a user has previously visited a particular page from search results, it is more likely that this page will be shown in personalized search results for them in future. This won’t apply to any other pages within that website that the user has never visited.

Sites Ranking for Unrelated Queries May Be Hacked

March 22, 2019 Source

If a site starts ranking for completely unrelated queries that it doesn’t have content for, it is worth checking what content is being shown to Google, via the Inspect tool, to see the site has been hacked.

Algorithms Are Updated Based on Query Types Rather Than Industry Types

February 22, 2019 Source

Algorithms aren’t updated for particular industries, but are instead updated based on particular types of queries.

Organic Ranking Factors Also Apply to SERP Video Carousels

February 5, 2019 Source

The same organic ranking factors apply to video carousels in the SERPs, so an increased number of backlinks alone won’t improve the chances of a video being shown in a carousel.

Google Will Create a Knowledge Panel for Websites Organically Over Time

September 4, 2018 Source

Google can recognise queries that lead to particular websites and will create a knowledge panel for this over time if it has enough information about your website already.

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