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A search query is the word or string of words a user types into a search engine and will be used to determine the most relevant and useful results for what they are looking for. Our Hangout Notes cover insights from Google around how they use and understand search queries, along with recommendations for optimising your site for searcher intent.

Site query order isn’t specific

February 26, 2016 Source

The order of search results for site: query in Google isn’t meaningful.

HTML bookmarks may be shown in SERPs

February 26, 2016 Source

Sometimes Google will show the HTML bookmarks (e.g.href="#bookmark") in the SERPs results next to a page.

Only Google Search Results Pages Count as Referrals

February 12, 2016 Source

In Chrome, if you start typing a domain into the Google Search box, it doesn’t count as a referral from Google and will be treated as direct. t’s only counted as a Google referral if a results page has been shown.

The Link Search Operator Doesn’t Work for All Websites

December 1, 2015 Source

The Link: search operator in Google doesn’t work for all websites due to a bug, but hasn’t been retired.

Google Detects Accented Characters as Synonyms

December 1, 2015 Source

For words with accented characters, because people search for both, Google is usually able to detect them as synonyms and return similar results.

Site Operator Results Are Not Ordered by Page Importance

December 1, 2015 Source

The order of search results for a site: command are ordered in some way ‘which makes sense’, but you shouldn’t be worried if you don’t see your most important pages showing up.

Info: Query Shows Indexed Data

April 21, 2015 Source

An info: query in Google gives you a page’s true indexed data, instead of site: which will always try to return something.

Monitor a Site Using Google Alerts with Site: Query

March 27, 2015 Source

You can use Google Alerts with a site: query as a means to spot potential problems.

Site: Queries Can Produce Strange Results

September 22, 2014 Source

site: queries can produce some strange results so don’t worry if you see something weird.

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