Continuous scrolling will initially only impact the top 40 search results in Google

November 1, 2021 Source

Continuous scrolling in Google search results is being rolled out on mobile English-language results in the US. For now, it will work on the first four pages only (that is the top 40 results). Users will need to manually click a ‘load more’-style button in order to see URLs that rank in positions after page 4. 

Continuous scrolling won’t change how impressions are counted in Google Search Console

November 1, 2021 Source

Google’s new “continuous scroll” feature for its SERPs will continue to load results in sets of 10, so impressions in GSC will continue to be counted in the same way. For example, when a user scrolls down and organic results 11-20 load dynamically in the viewport, those pages will get an impression in the same way as if the user had clicked through to page 2.

If anything, site owners might see a slight increase in impressions as continuous scroll makes it easier for users to view more results, although this could in turn have a negative impact on CTR.

Web Stories on AMP still require textual content for ranking purposes

October 30, 2021 Source

Despite being built on AMP, Web Stories are essentially normal web pages. They should therefore be linked internally in the same way as any other content. Text is also required on these pages for Google to be able to rank them accordingly.

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