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The quality of a website is important when search engines are determining the ranking of pages. Ensuring your website provides high quality, useful and informative content is also essential for a positive user experience. Within our Hangout Notes we cover insights from Google around how they determine a quality website, with recommendations for ensuring your site provides quality content for users.

There Are No Issues With Having More Than One Author For a Post

October 4, 2019 Source

Google has no issues with having more than one author attributed on a post.

Site Quality Doesn’t Impact Whether Sitelinks Shown in SERPs

August 9, 2019 Source

Google will display sitelinks in search results when it makes sense for the query a user is searching for. It isn’t determined by the quality of a website.

No Need to Optimize Websites Specifically for Quality Raters

June 11, 2019 Source

You don’t need to specifically optimize sites to be accessible for Google Quality Raters because they won’t be reviewing individual sites. The Quality Raters are simply given a list of SERPs with and without an algorithm change, and they then decide which set of results is better.

Don’t Focus on tf-idf to Optimize Pages as Search Algorithms Are Much More Complex Now

April 18, 2019 Source

John recommends not focusing on tf-idf because it is a very old metric and algorithms have evolved a lot since then. Using tf-idf to squeeze words into your pages is unlikely to be useful and is a short-sighted approach.

Google Does Not Use Domain Authority in its Search Algorithms

April 18, 2019 Source

Google does not use Domain Authority to rank pages in its search results, as it is a third-party metric.

Displaying Expertise on a Topic Plays a Role in Rankings

April 16, 2019 Source

There is no quick fix for improving a site or author’s expertise on a subject, however, this is a factor that feeds into rankings. It takes time to build a presence as an authority on a topic.

Rewrite Low-quality Pages or Combine Them With Other Relevant Pages

March 5, 2019 Source

Google’s quality team avoids telling website owners to delete pages, and instead promotes the idea of rewriting low-quality pages or combining them with and redirecting them to relevant, higher-quality pages.

Avoid Using Traffic Metrics Alone for Determining Page Quality

March 5, 2019 Source

Traffic alone isn’t a true indication of the quality of a page’s content, so make sure you use a combination of different metrics during analysis before removing pages from your site.

Sharing the Same Server or Owner as a Problematic Website Isn’t an Issue

February 5, 2019 Source

The only instance when other sites will be impacted by a problematic site is if there are obvious interlinking and efforts to manipulate rankings between them. If two sites only share the same server or owner it isn’t a problem.

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