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The quality of a website is important when search engines are determining the ranking of pages. Ensuring your website provides high quality, useful and informative content is also essential for a positive user experience. Within our Hangout Notes we cover insights from Google around how they determine a quality website, with recommendations for ensuring your site provides quality content for users.

Sites Spinning Your Content Can Outrank You if Your Site is Low Quality

July 24, 2018 Source

When sites scrape and spin the content of others, in the instances where these sites manage to outrank the original site, the original site is usually low quality too. This is where the algorithms can get confused.

Copyright Violations & Duplicate Content Affect How Google Assesses the Rest of Your Site

July 24, 2018 Source

If the majority of your content is flagged for something like DMCA copyright violations, Google may decide that the rest of your content isn’t high enough quality to show to users either.

Blog Content Helps Establish Focus and Context of a Business

June 29, 2018 Source

Blogs can help businesses have better presence online giving users and search engines more context about what they do and a better understanding of its focus.

Sites With Q&A Content Should Diversify Their Content Offering

June 15, 2018 Source

Sites that provide content with one answer should think about how they can diversify their content so visitors don’t leave after finding the answer. Don’t rely on Q&A content to be visible in search because it can be hard to differentiate the content from other sites that also provide the same answer.

Sites Reliant on UGC Should be Mindful of Content Quality Across Site

June 15, 2018 Source

Sites with a strong focus on user-generated content can struggle to maintain a high quality of content across the site.

Google Considered Adding Quality Meter to GSC

June 1, 2018 Source

Google have looked into adding a quality meter in Search Console showing how relevant your site is in search. However, this is essentially no different to how your site is already being ranked in search because Google is trying to reflect how relevant a site is for any given query.

The March 7th Algorithm Update Was About Relevance Rather Than Quality

April 6, 2018 Source

The March 7th update was around relevance, so ranking losses won’t have been about a site’s quality but how relevant it actually is for the search queries it ranks for. John recommends getting objective user feedback on how you can better serve them.

Overall Site Quality is Only Judged by Looking at Indexed Pages

April 3, 2018 Source

Google only looks at the indexed pages when assessing overall site quality, so noindexed pages won’t reduce your site’s quality.

Quality is Assessed Differently for Featured Snippets & Rich Snippets

April 3, 2018 Source

Quality is assessed in a different way for featured snippets and rich snippets. So your site can be showing for rich snippets but not featured snippets, and the other way around.

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