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Site speed relates to how fast a site is able to load the content and resources contained on it. Speed affects a user’s experience of the website while also impacting how efficiently search engines are able to identify, crawl and index content. Our Hangout Notes will help you understand the importance of having a fast site, along with advice to improve site speed. To learn more about the most important considerations around this topic, make sure you read our Ultimate Guide to Site Speed & Performance.

Lighthouse Analysis Uses Medium-end Smartphone on 3G Connection

January 22, 2019 Source

Lighthouse analysis uses an average smartphone on a 3G connection to measure speed. This might account for discrepancies between Lighthouse and independent tests which might be carried out over a much faster Wi-Fi connection.

Server Location Shouldn’t Impact Google’s Page Speed Measurement

November 30, 2018 Source

The geographic location of a web server shouldn’t impact Google’s measurement of page speed. They have labs data to artificially measure the speed a page would take, and field data to measure the speed of pages for real users.

Google Speed Tool Scores Don’t Map One-to-one with How Speed is Used for Rankings

November 27, 2018 Source

The scores shown in Google’s page speed tools such as PageSpeed Insights don’t map one-to-one with how sites will be ranked in search in relation to their speed.

Lab Data & Field Data Differ in New PSI Tool as User Devices Differ From Google Default

November 27, 2018 Source

The lab data can differ from the field data in the new PageSpeed Insights tool because users sometimes have different devices than the default device that Google would use for testing. is Built on the Lighthouse Infrastructure in the Back-end

November 27, 2018 Source

Google’s tool is built on Lighthouse in the back-end to maintain consistency with other tools.

New PageSpeed Insights Tool Uses Lighthouse Data & Runs Lighthouse Audits

November 16, 2018 Source

The new PageSpeed Insights tool runs Lighthouse audits for you using data from across different devices.

Inconsistency in PSI Alerts Suggests Being on the Edge of Google’s Speed Requirements

November 16, 2018 Source

The PageSpeed Insights team try to maintain stable tests for websites, so if a site has fluctuations between getting alerts and passing the tests, this suggests the site is right on the edge of Google’s speed requirements.

Pages With Long Download Times Reduce Googlebot’s Crawl Budget

November 16, 2018 Source

If a page takes a long time to download then this will use up crawl budget for Googlebot, meaning it will have less time to crawl other pages on your site. Look at the ‘time spent downloading a page’ report in GSC to spot these issues.

Combine Separate CSS, JS & Tracking URLs to Increase Googlebot Requests to Your Server

November 16, 2018 Source

To improve site speed and allow Googlebot to send requests to your server more frequently, reduce the number of external URLs that need to be loaded. For example, combine CSS files into one URL, or as few URLs as possible.

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