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Site speed relates to how fast a site is able to load the content and resources contained on it. Speed affects a user’s experience of the website while also impacting how efficiently search engines are able to identify, crawl and index content. Our Hangout Notes will help you understand the importance of having a fast site, along with advice to improve site speed. To learn more about the most important considerations around this topic, make sure you read our Ultimate Guide to Site Speed & Performance.

Separate Mobile Sites Need to be Crawlable at the Same Speed as Desktop

April 3, 2018 Source

Separate mobile sites need to be able to be crawled at the same speed as on desktop so if your separate mobile site is hosted on a slower server then this will affect Google’s ability to rank it after mobile-first rolls out.

Mobile Page Speed Ranking Factor Will Use Similar Metrics to Google’s Page Speed Tools

January 23, 2018 Source

Google’s page speed update for mobile search ranking will take into account metrics that map fairly well to Google’s existing tools, but won’t use them directly.

Mobile Page Speed Ranking Factor Will Only Affect Mobile Search Results Pages

January 23, 2018 Source

Google’s page speed algorithm will only affect mobile search results pages, not desktop search results.

Google Uses Time Taken to Load and Render to Assess Page Speed

January 12, 2018 Source

Google doesn’t use the time taken to crawl a page as a measure of speed. Google tries to understand what a user would see, rather than what Googlebot sees, by looking at the time pages take to load and render.

Site Speed More Important for UX Than SEO

October 20, 2017 Source

Google only differentiates between slow sites and those in the normal range. However, looking outside Google’s algorithms, speed is very important for user experience, especially on eCommerce sites where a couple of hundred milliseconds can make a difference.

Page Speed May Become More Important When Google Announce Mobile Updates

October 20, 2017 Source

Google may make speed a more important ranking factor when they get to closer to announcing updates around mobile.

Download Time in GSC is HTML Download Time, Doesn’t Include Rendering Time

August 22, 2017 Source

The download time shown in GSC is the time taken to download the HTML page, not the rendered version that users see. If this time is =>2s this is probably too slow because more time will be needed for the page to be rendered by the browser.

Google Splits Sites With Ok And Very Slow Load Times

August 22, 2017 Source

Google usually differentiates between sites that are reasonably ok with loading and those that are very slow when it comes to site speed.

Google Limits Crawl Frequency of Slow Loading Pages

August 2, 2017 Source

This is done because Google doesn’t want to spend a long time accessing slow to load pages and so as not to put more of a load on an already struggling server.

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