Top Level Domains (TLDs) are the domain suffix which follows the main domain name, e.g. ‘.com’, ‘’. There are over 1,000 TLDs available for websites and they can also be used to denote which country the site is based in and the language of the content. Find out more about TLDs and how they are viewed by Google within our Hangout Notes.

Don’t Use CCLTDs as Vanity Domains

December 9, 2016 Source

Don’t use a country specific top level domain (e.g. .it) as this will tell Google that the site is primarily for that country.

.eu and .asia Domains are Global

December 9, 2016 Source

.eu and and .asia domains are treated as generic TLDS.

Set Geographic Regions for non-ccTLDs on CDNs

March 8, 2016 Source

If you have a generic top-level domain which doesn’t specify a country, and you use a CDN, you should make sure you have the geographic settings applied in Search Console.

All Top Level Domains Are Equal

December 2, 2014 Source

Google doesn’t treat any top-level domains differently. So a .com is treated no differently to a .info.

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