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User experience is an important factor for SEO, ensuring visitors have a positive experience when they view a website creates a positive brand awareness, while also helping with a site’s authority in search. Within our Hangout Notes we cover recommendations and insights from Google to ensure your site provides a positive user experience.

It can take months for Google to reassess site quality

December 6, 2021 Source

Google essentially has no memory when it comes to technical issues and there should be no lasting impact once a cause has been resolved. However, it can take Google weeks or even months to determine the quality of a site and establish how it fits into the wider context of the web. Therefore, improvements to site quality can take a lot longer to make a significant impact.

Even significant speed improvements may only have a subtle impact on visibility

December 6, 2021 Source

John warns users not to expect significant rises in visibility from speed improvements alone. This is true even if the speed goes from very slow to very fast in a short space of time. Given the complexity of Google’s algorithms, changes that affect page speed in isolation are likely to have a much more subtle impact on visibility.

SEO improvements based on CWV metrics take about a month to show results

October 30, 2021 Source

Google’s Core Web Vitals look at data that is delayed by around 28 days. This means that any significant page speed improvements you make on your website will typically take about a month to show up in the search results.  

Core Web Vitals are weighted equally across all industries and website types

October 30, 2021 Source

Neither the type of website nor industry vertical will alter how much weight is given to Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics.

Links Within PDF Files Do Not Provide Any SEO Advantages but are Valuable for Usability

January 24, 2020 Source

From a usability point of view, John recommends including a link back to your website within PDF documents, as they can make it easier to visit your site. However, as there is no way to let Google know about the link, it is likely they will be viewed as ‘text links’, which are similar to nofollow links where they would not forward any signals through them.

When Optimising For Image Search Focus on The User Journey

July 12, 2019 Source

Rather than just optimising images technically, John recommends focusing more on how a user will search for the visual content on your site.

Test Different Approaches to Flexible Sampling to Find Best Solution For Content & Users

July 9, 2019 Source

With flexible sampling, John recommends testing different approaches to see what works for users. Don’t commit to an extreme approach straight away, like Lead-in, as this might not be the best solution for your users and content.

The Last Updated Date of a Page Does Not Play a Role in Rankings

June 25, 2019 Source

While useful from a user’s perspective, the last updated date doesn’t impact the crawling, indexing or performance of a page within search results.

Get Feedback From Real Users to Assess Your Site’s EAT

June 11, 2019 Source

John recommends getting feedback from your users about the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of the content on your site to find areas for improvement.

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