Website Redevelopment

A website redevelopment is a large and complex task, migrating content from one website to another, and there are several things which need to be considered. Our Hangout Notes cover these, along with best practice recommendations to ensure your site redevelopment is successful.

Google Quicker to Understand Pages on Existing Sites Compared to New Sites

June 12, 2018 Source

It is easier for Google to understand new pages to an existing website compared to new pages on a new site because Google already understands the context of that site on the web.

Splitting or Merging Sites Can Take Months to Stabilise in Search

June 1, 2018 Source

Splitting out or merging sites can be tricky for Google to understand. It can take time for Google to process these changes and it isn’t possible to predict what the final state might be in terms of rankings and traffic. A site migration may stabilise in search after a week or two and splitting or merging a site could take months to settle down.

Resubmission Requests Can be Sent Via HTTP or HTTPS Version in GSC

June 1, 2018 Source

When submitting a reconsideration request it doesn’t matter if you do this through the HTTP or HTTPS version in Search Console. However, messages from Google may be sent to either or both versions in Search Console.

Test Changes Before Making Large Scale Changes

April 13, 2018 Source

When making large scale changes to a site which might impact search, it’s important to first test these changes on a significant sample of pages to see how this impacts search before making changes to all pages.

Make Sure Content is Equivalent for Long Term A/B Testing

April 3, 2018 Source

Long term A/B testing doesn’t cause any issues for Google as the content is equivalent between what the user and Googlebot see. Short term A/B testing with significant content changes don’t cause issues.

Only Use Submit to Index When Critical to do so

March 9, 2018 Source

Only use Submit to Index feature in Search Console when it is critical to do so e.g. for a new site that Google hasn’t seen before. Manual submission is not necessary for the addition of new pages as Google can find these through the normal means of crawling a site.

Googlebot Crawls Known URLs Faster Following Significant Site Changes

March 9, 2018 Source

Googlebot will crawl known URLs faster if it detects that significant changes have been made across the site to things like structured data, rel canonicals or redirects.

Let Google Know About Site Merging Through Redirects

January 9, 2018 Source

Redirects are the best way to help Google process a site merging. Bear in mind that site merging or site splitting takes more time for Google to process than a site migration.

Google Completely Re-evaluates Relaunched Sites

November 28, 2017 Source

When you relaunch a website, even using the same URLs, Google re-evaluates the site in its current status so rankings may be affected. Ensure no important content has been removed and internal linking is good on the new site so content is crawlable and discoverable.

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