Website Redevelopment

A website redevelopment is a large and complex task, migrating content from one website to another, and there are several things which need to be considered. Our Hangout Notes cover these, along with best practice recommendations to ensure your site redevelopment is successful.

Set up Image Redirects when URLs Change

August 12, 2016 Source

If you change image URLs, set up redirects to help them get picked up more quickly.

Prevent Test Site Being Indexed with Canonical

July 29, 2016 Source

John recommends using a canonical to the main site, although he says that it’s possible for both to be indexed.

301 Is Better for 6 Month Temporary Redirects

May 17, 2016 Source

For 6 month temporary URL migrations, a 301 redirect is better than 302 to speed up the move.

Keep 301 redirects in place as long as possible

September 11, 2015 Source

Although Google are able to recognise a site move as a permanent move which doesn’t require the redirect, although some links may not remain completely redirected.

Redirect Image, JavaScript & CSS URLs

April 24, 2015 Source

When you redevelop or change your website platform, you should also redirect all your images, JavaScript and CSS files as well so the new URLs can be discovered more quickly.

Image Re-Crawling Takes Longer After a URL Change

March 27, 2015 Source

Images are not crawled very frequently, so when you migrate them to new URLs/domains, it will take a lot longer than pages, perhaps months.

Avoid Redirect Chains

December 16, 2014 Source

If you change domain and URL at the same time, you can have 2 redirects in a chain, although redirecting directly is preferred. Google can follow more than 5 redirects in a chain, but in separate crawling attempts.

Submit Sitemaps with Changed URLs

September 12, 2014 Source

If you change many URLs, you should submit a sitemap with the old URLs to Google which will help them pick up the redirects to the new URLs. Webmaster tools will report errors with the sitemap, because it only contains redirecting URLs, but this is fine.

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