DeepCrawl for Enterprise and Startups

Track Progress over Time with Trend Graphs

Spend less time analyzing your data and more time evaluating, making informed data driven decisions. DeepCrawl is involved from inception to completion, and health checks for its maintenance thereafter.

Size Matters

Is your website too large for conventional crawlers to handle? With DeepCrawl you can analyze millions of URLs in a single crawl. Get insights on all your pages and their relationship to one another.

Customize Your Crawl

Have specific crawl requirements? Crawl by subdomain, (sub)directories or individual URLs. With DeepCrawl you can choose where in the domain you wish to start your crawl and specify your crawl requirements based on your project needs.

Compare Your Architecture with Your Competitors to Identify Opportunities

A close look at a competitor’s site architecture gives you an indication of how they optimize their internal linking structure. You can use this information to inspire changes on your own site, or alternatively to avoid mistakes which may negatively affect your indexation in the SERPs.

Schedule Crawls to Reduce Admin and Ensure You Have Regular Data Coming In

By scheduling crawls you’ll never be without fresh data when you get a spontaneous call from a client or your boss. Schedule your crawls on an hourly, daily, weekly; bi-weekly; or monthly basis. DeepCrawl will save your crawl configurations and automatically set off your crawls for you.

Track Progress over Time with Trend Graphs

Use the trend graphs to monitor progress, or look back at your historic stats to understand changes (and their effects) that may otherwise go unnoticed and uncelebrated!

Take Full Advantage Using Our API

Using the API, you can write applications that make the most of DeepCrawl’s many features, deployed in your own environment, using the programming language and platforms that you prefer. Examples of this extend from building your custom dashboard to crawls being set off automatically whenever there is an update.

Easily See What's Changed, for Better or for Worse, since Your Last Crawl

Get comparison data from your previous crawls. Every report provided by DeepCrawl highlights every URL that’s been added, removed or is missing. Spend less time analyzing, and more time evaluating your metadata.

Divide Tasks amongst Team Members Using Our Internal Ticketing System

Assign and prioritize tasks using our Project Manager to help you track progress over time.

View the age of each task, leave notes for team members, and mark projects as fixed, all from one screen. Get regular updates on the development of your assignment. For assignments with several moving parts like 404 cleanups, we’ll count down outstanding URLs until you hit the magic zero and buy everyone a beer!