How does DeepCrawl help agencies?

We know how to equip marketing agencies with the best-in-class technical insights needed to drive growth for their clients. From task management to white labeled reporting, DeepCrawl is built with agencies in mind.

Here’s just a few of the ways we help agencies deliver value for their clients.

I need to provide my clients with regular reporting and communicate progress

Branded Reporting

We allow you to easily communicate issues to clients by providing with the ability to share reports and graphs as PDFs, PNGs, CSVs or even white labeled audit reports.

Trend Graphs

Effortlessly track the progress of any metrics with our handy trend graphs that monitor changes from crawl to crawl, so you can be quick to shout about big wins to clients.

Simple Sharing

Taking clients to the heart of the matter is as easy as sending a privately accessible share link or sending it via email.

Custom Dashboards

All DeepCrawl data can be pulled into any dashboarding solution so you can create custom visualizations to precisely report on the metrics that matter most to clients.

I Need To Manage Multiple Projects Simultaneously

Simultaneous Crawling

The beauty of our cloud crawler is that you can crawl many sites at any one time, enabling you to work on multiple clients simultaneously.

Project Organization

DeepCrawl can highlight out of stock and unavailable products that are appearing in search so you can avoid poor user experiences.

Custom Alerts

Our Zapier integration allows you set up alerts and trigger crawls in project management and messaging platforms so you can proactively stay on top of issues that arise.

Automatic Scheduling

There’s no need to remember to run crawls, once you’ve set a crawl up once you can schedule it to run on a regular basis to free you of unnecessary admin.

I need to provide clear and actionable insights for clients and their teams

Issues Dashboard

Our issues dashboard highlights the biggest issues found in the crawl ordered by severity; your perfect companion during the pitching process.

Intuitive Reporting

All of our reporting is accompanied by clear visuals and descriptions so you can communicate precise and actionable insights to your clients.

Task Manager

When you detect an issue, set it up as a task in our Task Management and assign it to the client team member responsible along with a priority level and deadline for completion.

User Permissions

We allow you to set different access levels for users in your account so you can rest easy knowing that your delicately configured crawls won’t be tampered with.

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