How does DeepCrawl help publishers?

DeepCrawl has a strong track record working with internationally recognized publishers to ensure quick content discovery, increased organic visibility and visitor engagement.

Let’s take a look at how publishers utilize DeepCrawl to overcome technical issues to maximize their visibility in organic search.

My content needs to be discovered and indexed by search engines more quickly

Publishers need to ensure that fresh content is discovered and indexed as quickly as possible by search engines to maximise visibility in organic search.

Here’s how DeepCrawl gives you the competitive advantage:

Crawl Like Googlebot

Our crawler replicates the settings of Googlebot to give you an accurate view of your content’s crawlability and indexability.

Log Files

Integrate your log file analysis tools to find out if search engines pay attention to important pages or if they aren’t being discovered and crawled frequently.

Indexable Pages

Our extensive indexability reporting shows what proportion of pages will be shown in search engines and what you need to change that.

Sitemap crawls

Test your XML sitemaps to see if important pages are missing and avoid slow discovery.

I need to improve site architecture to make content more easily accessible

Site structure can be an unwieldy beast if left unmanaged and can lead to poor navigation for users and difficulty in content discovery for search engines.

Here’s how DeepCrawl can streamline site architecture:

Web Crawl Depth

Our crawl depth graph shows how deep pages lie within a site so you can relocate pages and sections that users and search engines struggle to find.

Site Explorer

Get a top level overview of site architecture equipped with aggregated metrics to identify the strong and weak performing areas.


Our internal authority metric further assists you in assessing the quality of each and every page on your site.

Unique Internal Links

We enable you to understand the flow of links through your site so you can give prominence to important pages with an improved linking structure.

My site’s content need to be optimized to drive more traffic

Content quality and relevance is ever-more important to get right for users and search engines in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

DeepCrawl provides you with the reports and insights to highlight the problem areas with your content.

Thin/empty pages

Our content analysis capabilities shine a light on your low quality content to give you a clear idea of what content needs to be improved.

Content duplication

We group similar content into sets so you can ensure that the preferred page is the one that search engines and index and the ones visitors land on.

Topics & Tags

Our reporting enables you to understand and optimize topics, tags, categorization, categories and more.

AMP implementation

Keep on top of AMP pages by checking for correct implementation and organic search presence.

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