We don’t believe in following the fads. We believe in building solid foundations. And we believe this leads to great SEO performance.

Employing best practice and creating technically sound website architecture means your site will be easy to navigate for both users and search engines, ensuring your site is optimised for organic rankings. There’s no point having a great content or link building strategy if you haven’t got the basics right.

The Early Years

DeepCrawl was born when two of the founders were working on a site redevelopment for a large property website.

With millions of pages, and many architectural flaws, it was a huge challenge to migrate and there was significant risk to organic traffic.

Crawlers of the day were not capable of producing reports at the scale and level of detail this migration demanded. Project deadlines forced their hand into using the tool considered the best available at the time.

The crawling process under-pinning this technology concluded with a courier delivering a hard drive with the data. With websites getting bigger by the day, it was clear that there was a gap in the market for a better solution.

With a firm idea in mind of what was needed but lacking the technical skills to build it, they enlisted the services of our third founder, a full-time developer. Set the challenge of completely re-inventing the website crawler, the three then designed a tool that helped them not only complete the project on time, but exceeded their expectations.

The collision of these three elements was what initially sparked the project. DeepCrawl was born.

The Evolution

DeepCrawl is now widely recognized as the world’s most comprehensive website crawler.

Supporting thousands of highly respected SEOs based in over 50 countries, the DeepCrawl universe is rapidly expanding.

Each member of the team is passionate about helping others in the SEO community on their journey to discovering everything they need to know about their site, removing risk and uncertainty.

By providing the data, insight and detail, we want to help empower you to do your job effectively, delivering SEO confidence to every business we work with.

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