About DeepCrawl

We don’t believe in fads, we believe in building solid foundations for healthy and performant websites. We believe your website’s architecture is the foundation needed for optimal SEO performance, exceptional user experiences which deliver increased traffic and revenue.

Our Past

Back in 2010 two SEOs were faced with the daunting task of redeveloping a large property site with millions of pages and even more architectural flaws. Crawlers of the day were not capable of producing reports at the scale and level of detail this migration demanded.

With a firm idea in mind of what was needed but lacking the technical skills to build it, they enlisted the services of our third founder, a full-time developer. Our three founders went about completely re-inventing the website crawler, designing a tool that helped them not only complete the project on time but exceeded their expectations. That’s when DeepCrawl was born.

Our Present

Fast forward to today and our technical SEO platform is trusted by many of the world’s biggest brands to deliver technical insights and solutions that improve web performance.

While our team has grown to service our global client base, our core values have remained the same. We aim to empower marketers with the actionable data and insights needed to make their websites visible, turning their organic traffic into revenue.

Our Mission

Our ultimate vision is to become the tool of choice for marketers across the world – letting them detect opportunities for growth,  identifying key insights to improve web performance, protect their websites from code that negatively impacts search performance, and connect their data to business intelligence to measure the true impact of their SEO strategy.

Giving Back

We’re a caring bunch at DeepCrawl. We don’t just help businesses, we put a strong emphasis on social responsibility and helping a variety of charitable causes.

Whether its hosting charity football tournaments, auctioning off our Customer Advisory Board members to run SEO audits for a charitable cause or donating a percentage of our profits to dog charities we’re always looking for ways to make a difference.

Here are some our recent charitable initiatives, and make sure to keep an eye out for some of our upcoming campaigns.


DeepCrawl’s Go Red Charity Auction

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Charity Football Tournament

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All Dogs Matter

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Humans of DeepCrawl


As a team, we aim to inspire, empower and educate our fellow colleagues and industry peers through content across a multitude of formats. We keep things fun, engaging and more importantly entertaining. There’s no lack of sass and jokes on the Marketing team at DeepCrawl and we hope our humour and personality shines through in all we do. We care about the individual moments and simple interactions we have with customers and our abilities to help them solve a problem in their day to day. It’s what drives us to keep pushing the limits with our work and seeing what we as a team can achieve together.


Our knowledgable and proactive Sales team thrive on delivering engaging, tailored and enjoyable experiences to prospective clients throughout their buying journey. The Sales team are experts in understanding the challenges that you face and pride themselves on their honesty and transparency in communicating how you can make full use of our crawler to better the websites that you manage.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success (CS) team are your partners in crime. From the moment you sign up, we'll accompany you on your journey to solid Technical SEO. Whether it be leading your training, certification or support, our CS team is here to enable your goals, and to impress the right people. Our CS team sits between all teams, making sure your feedback and expectations are not only shared, but met. CS is a growing and energetic team, sitting across our three global offices, making sure we live up to our team name.


Our team of finance professionals play a pivotal role in enabling our ambitious growth plans to become a reality. Whether its help to securing external investment, processing payments, or keeping on top of expenses the Finance team excel in keeping our company in check.


Our experienced team of product professionals, is at the heart of of everything we do as a company. Our Product team is responsible for understanding the problems of our vast client base and creating solutions that make it easier to extract insights from technical web performance data.


Our Engineering team consists of a supremely talented workforce with a diverse range of skills and experiences. Our engineers are all about solving big data problems. We crawl absolutely huge websites, producing many terabytes of data, so it's crucial that the team create testable, monitored, efficient and documented big data solutions.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team helps our clients to get the most out of DeepCrawl, whatever their level of SEO expertise. For even the most SEO proficient, we can help with project setup and best practice utilisation of DeepCrawl for whatever project they are focused on. For the clients who don't have the SEO knowledge to fully utilise DeepCrawl's data, we can act as an in-house consultant, running crawls, conducting detailed analysis and providing practical recommendations. Whatever the problem, we're up for the challenge.

Our Awards

Best Software Innovation 2019 MENA Search Awards

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Best SEO Software Tool 2017 MENA Search Awards

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Best Search Software Tool UK Search Awards 2017

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