Published on 4th October 2021 by Natalie Stubbs

Recap and Key Takeaways from Google’s 2021 “Search On” Event

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Google’s 2021 Search On event took place last week, providing SEOs and marketers with key insights related to Google’s new search features and SERP updates. Couldn’t make it to the full event sessions? No worries! We’ve summarized the top takeaways below.


Search On 2021, in Brief


Google Search Updates


Google Shopping Updates


Google Maps Updates


Watch Google’s 7-minute recap of the Search On event here



Natalie Stubbs
Natalie Stubbs

Natalie is an Senior Technical SEO at Deepcrawl and forms part of our Professional Services team. A fan of all things content-related, she has a passion for helping clients improve their technical SEO by making complex concepts more accessible. Outside of work, you'll usually find her spending quality time with her cat.



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