Google, JavaScript and the AJAX Crawling Scheme

In October 2015, Google announced that they no longer recommend using the AJAX crawling scheme that they first proposed in 2009 and that JavaScript sites should be fine for SEO now (providing your JavaScript and CSS files aren’t blocked).

The announcement came alongside significant changes to the Search Console Help Guide to AJAX crawling for webmasters and developers, and Google say this new process could also help other search engines crawl AJAX sites as well.

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Angular JS and SEO

JavaScript and SEO have been arch enemies for a very long time. It is not news to any SEO that Google does and always has struggled to index JavaScript content. Usually the JavaScript would only be a small part of the page or a widget and therefore we could ignore it, as Googlebot would be able to understand the content surrounding the JS and could index the page and understand its meaning anyway.

What happens if the whole page or a large chunk of the content we want indexing is rendered in JS? Even if it looks great and runs fast and smoothly, although it is slowly getting better, Google still won’t be able to crawl your content.

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