About the CAB

The CAB forms a bridge between DeepCrawl and the SEO industry. The members are senior search practitioners selected to work closely with DeepCrawl to drive innovation, share knowledge, and help solve the problems generated by an ever more complex web.

The CAB has been specifically chosen to reflect SEOs’ innate diversity. Not only are they based in locations across the world, they come from a variety of in-house, agency and freelance backgrounds.  This breadth of knowledge does not just demonstrate the many ways in which the tool is used; it ensures constant engagement with representatives from DeepCrawl’s distinct user sectors.

Members will be granted exclusive early access to new versions of DeepCrawl, sharing their thoughts and impressions through webinars, online content pieces and presentations at international search conferences. Drawing on community feedback, they will then have the opportunity to offer comments and suggestions to the product development team in quarterly meetings, creating a system of constant assessment and improvement.

The CAB are a key part of DeepCrawl’s  ongoing mission to improve the web, and it is through them that the community’s guidance will become a driving force behind the product’s evolution.

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