Connect your SEO data for complete context — whichever BI tools you use

Deepcrawl Connect enables you to integrate data from Deepcrawl’s SEO Analytics Hub to business intelligence, reporting, data lake, and data science tools so that you can easily report the positive impact of technical SEO improvements to the people with the purse strings.


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Show leaders the impact of tech SEO, in a format they understand

SEOs need to prove our work leads to greater revenue and business improvement in order to have a bigger stake in decision-making.

With Deepcrawl Connect, you can. Connect your technical SEO data using our BigQuery and Google Data Studio connectors and show executives the real business impact of tech SEO.

All your data, connected

Wherever your business collects, analyzes, and visualizes data, we make it simple to connect Deepcrawl’s technical SEO insights using BigQuery and Google Data Studio.

Our connectors enable you to integrate SEO Analytics Hub with business intelligence tools like Looker, Tableau, and PowerBI, connect your data with data lakes such as Azure and Tealium, automatically send your Deepcrawl data to data science tools like Python Pandas, Jupyter, and Dataiku, and visualize your success in Google Data Studio.

Create custom apps using our API

Our API gives you the freedom to write applications that make the most of Deepcrawl’s great features. Use your favorite programming language and platform in your own environment for complete flexibility.

Our API uses GraphQL to simplify integrations and give you greater flexibility. It means integrations can request any of the available Deepcrawl data, rather than what’s been made available, which means quicker queries and easier integrations. It also means a single API for integration with our current, and future, apps.

What our customers say

Nick Wilsdon

Search Product Owner, Vodafone

Deepcrawl have managed to build the most comprehensive website crawler in the market today. For any SEO or digital team looking to conduct technical SEO audits, their data is simply the best available.

Sebastian Simon

Senior SEO Manager, heine

Deepcrawl Automator is a very reliable tool. We used Automator, for example, to check if anything is redirecting where it shouldn’t be. It’s a great relief to know there is something that will notify me if anything has changed.

Bartosz Goralewicz

Co-founder, Onely

Deepcrawl was a first Saas crawler I ever used and I only needed couple of minutes to start using Deepcrawl's data. If you are new to crawling this is definitely a great fit to get you started with onpage & technical SEO.

Lauren Jones

Head of Response Media / Board Director, PHD UK

I have been using Deepcrawl since it first launched I haven't looked back. The sheer level of engineering that has gone into this product makes it one of if not the best enterprise level crawl solution on the market.

Tom Nash

Performance Strategy Director, OMD EMEA

If you combine my hours, the team’s, and all the tasks involved, you’re looking at adding an extra person to the team to cover off what Deepcrawl does for us. As a result, we’re able to spend more time on solving problems and driving performance for our clients.

Sam Hurley

Founder, NOVOS

I've tried many cloud-based crawler tools and Deepcrawl is by far the best at providing actionable insights. I was easily able to visualise trends and issues to developers which helped us increase the number of organic visitors by over one million.

Andor Palau

Head of SEO, Peak Ace

We use Deepcrawl on a daily basis and it has been our go-to software for years now. Personally speaking, Deepcrawl has helped me so often when auditing websites - it is definitely one tool I wouldn’t want to be without.

Jared Gardner

Head of SEO, Qualtrics

Thanks to the cloud-based design of Deepcrawl and historical comparisons, I was able to repeat a crawl using complex configurations from anywhere in the world and quickly compare the changes to past crawls to take action. I could not have done that with a desktop based crawler.

Jordan Small

Senior Software Engineer, wikiHow

Using Deepcrawl has significantly increased my productivity in terms of SEO site monitoring. Given the size and scale of wikiHow, Deepcrawl's crawling abilities let me perform auditing across our site that wouldn't be possible by manual means.

Arsen Rabinovich


There's nothing on the market that's better than Deepcrawl when it comes to conducting comparison crawls during migrations of large scale enterprise websites.

JP Sherman

JP Sherman

Enterprise Search & Findability Manager, Red Hat

I use Deepcrawl to identify issues in my enterprise level site "at scale", it helps me prioritize issues and I use the API to pull data into our databases and run custom reports.

Casie Gillette

Senior Director of Digital Marketing, KoMarketing

One of the things I really like about Deepcrawl is the ability to visualize issues quickly. I can get a snapshot of errors, redirects, canonicals, hreflang tags, etc without having to export and sort through the data.

Grant Simmons

VP of Search Marketing,

There aren't many tools that scale effectively to truly deliver on the enterprise-level promise offering rock-solid deliverables and actionable insights. The features, functions and reports all put Deepcrawl at the top of our list.

Maria Cieślak

Head of Technical SEO, Onely

Deepcrawl is the crawler that all SEOs should have in their toolbox. Their clean reports and filtering options make digging deeper into massive amounts of data an absolute pleasure.

Igal Stolpner

VP Growth,

Since we started using Deepcrawl, spotting critical issues has become painless, even for a site with tens of millions of pages like You can easily feel that it was built by Technical SEOs who understand the day-to-day pains of SEO teams.

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