Splunk Integration

Alec Bertram
Alec Bertram

On 30th January 2018 • 1 min read

Our Splunk integration allows us to automatically get log file data every time we crawl a website, meaning that data is always up to date, and there is no need to manually upload data.


What data does DeepCrawl get from Splunk?

We run a query on your Splunk account to retrieve, for a specified date range, all of the URLs which received traffic from search engine crawlers as well as the count of hits (separated by desktop and mobile crawlers). This data is used to populate the “Log File” and “Bot Hit” reports


What versions of Splunk can be used?

Only Splunk versions which allow API access are compatible with DeepCrawl. Currently this is any Splunk Cloud or Splunk Enterprise account. We are unable to connect to Splunk Lite accounts.

If your Splunk Enterprise installation is within a closed network, you can choose a static IP that we will always use when accessing Splunk, so that this can be whitelisted.


What query settings should I use?

Every log file configuration is different, and Splunk queries need to be customised to your installation. When you purchase the Splunk addon, your account manager will arrange a call to go the account with you, and will provide the correct Splunk query to use with DeepCrawl.


How can I use Splunk with my DeepCrawl account?

Please contact your account manager to add the Splunk integration to your account.


Alec Bertram
Alec Bertram

Alec is the Head of Product at DeepCrawl. He has 10 years' of experience in SEO, and works to make sure we're building the most valuable things we can for our users.

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