Embedded Content

Embedded content relates to any content which has been added to a website from another source, for example; images and videos. It is important to follow guidelines for implementing embedded content on your site to ensure search engines are able to easily find and crawl it. These guidelines, along with further recommendations and real use case examples, are covered within our Hangout Notes.

Google Establishes Original Content Sources

February 23, 2016 Source

If multiple sites are using the same affiliate/product content, Google will try to establish the original source, and allow a few other version to rank. They will be treated as separate sites which can rank independently for different queries. The suggestion is that this is fine provided you include some unique content. Later he also suggests this for pages with embedded videos.

Make Video the Main Focus of a Page

December 16, 2014 Source

If you have unique videos on your pages which you want to appear in search results, you should make sure the video is prominent, and the main focus of the page, or the video snippet might not be shown.

Disallowed CSS/JS Is a Problem If It Prevents Rendering

December 2, 2014 Source

Disallowed CSS and JS is only an issue if it actually prevents Google from finding visible content, or rendering pages correctly. Other JS files don’t matter so much. There aren’t any penalties or anything like that.

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